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Real-time Sub Surface Scattering Using Depth Buffers

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Rendering both multiple scattering and single scattering.

Non Real-time Sub Surface Scattering (reference)

upper left:Skin1, upper right:Apple
lower left:Potato, lower right:Skimmilk

Easy Breezy Metropolis Light Transport (reference)


Distribution of the number of samples per pixel.
(Note that the number of samples is correlated with pixel's brightness.)

path tracing

Combined Lagrangian-Eulerian Approach for Accurate Advection

left: previous method (semi-lagrangian method), right: proposed method
in the same resolution.

left: previous method (semi-lagrangian method), right: proposed method
The 2D demo on GPUs (click to download)

Both calculations are done by 1st order (space and time) calculations, but the proposed method can significantly reduce numerical diffusion due to the time integration.

Importance Resampling for Global Illumination (reference)

left: uniform sampling, center: importance resampling, right: reference image
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A less noisy image is obtained by importance resampling in the same rendering time.

GPU fluid (reference)

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Geometry Images (reference)

Original mesh

Parameterization to a circle
(The red line shows the next cut path.)

Geometry image (click to download, floating point TIFF)

Reconstructed mesh

REAL cornell box

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Spherical Parametrization and Remeshing (reference)

Original mesh

Spherical parameterization
(unconstrained spherical parameterization)

Geometry image (click to download, floating point TIFF)

Reconstructed mesh

PLY to MQO converter

Some PLY files can be found at the Large Geometric Models Archive.
MQO is the original format of the Metasequoia.

Old Projects

anti-aliased line rasterization
anti-aliased triangle rasterization
Ascii-art shader
particle system
real-time cloth simulation
software rasterization: cube-mapping
software rasterization: depth of field effect
texture generation using fractional brownian motion
fire using 2D cellular automaton
firewroks simulation
software rasterization: per-pixel glare filter
real-time dynamic fur
real-time elastic body simulation
landscape transformation
the game of life
real-time blobs
multi-sampling motion blur
particle based fluid simulation
photon mapping
hemicube radiosity on graphics hardware
real-time chromatic aberration
real-time ray-tracing using adaptive sampling
smoke based on NS equations
smoke using 2D cellular automaton
2D NS equations solver
heat haze by physically based convection
2D water by wave equations

Parthenon Render (global illumination using GPUs) website

within a minute @ Radeon 9700 Pro and Pentium 4 2.8GHz
approx. 600 samples per pixel

Fast Final Gathering Using Depth Peeling

All pixels are final gathered on a GPU.
No more complex interpolation!

Irradiance Caching

yellow points indicate irradiance caches

resulting image

another image

Path Tracing

Real-time Subsurface Scattering with Inclusions

Hmm.. yohkan...

Wavelet transfromation (Haar)

original image

wavelet transformation

All calculations are done with 8-bit integers, and the transformation is completely lossless.

Two Phase Fluid Flow (reference)

The resolution is 256^2.
based on CCUP method.

Dynamics of water and air are solved simultaneously.

Free Surface Flow

The resolution is 64^3.
Fluid is injected from a cube shaped source at the center.

Meshless Deformation Based on Shape Matching (reference)

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Click the window to reset the simulation.

UV Unwrapping for Light Maps

unwrapped and packed triangles
(note its almost optimal space usage)

resulting textured model

"Target Driven Smoke Animation"

"Physically Based Modeling and Animation of Fire"

Perfect Spatial Hashing

Seam Carving

Press zxcv.

GPU Ray Tracing

Using Shader Model 3.0 only.

Monte Carlo Reversi (game tree traversal using MC)



79x128lines, fully working, progressive photon mapping implementation.

GPU Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping

download (with code)
Stochastic progressive photon mapping with full spectral rendering entirely written in GLSL.

Particle Multi-Physics Solver


Rigid body (with fracture)


Weakly compressible fluid

Elastoplastic body

Viscoelastic fluid

Everything is solved in the same particle simulator (arbitrary mixture is possible).


to appear...